hi there

We (Nen and Tania) are the lucky folk who get to enjoy the tranquillity of Lake Nenia.   We couldn't find a photo of us together at Lake Nenia, so here is one of Nen working on the entrance to our home. 

our story

We both grew up around nature and being amongst the city scape simply wasn't nourishing our souls.  We had to get  back in amongst the trees and in 2014 we made the   hills our home.  You can follow our story  on Facebook and Instagram. 

our goal

giving back

 We run a number of workshops and classes and oversee the management of private hire at Lake Nenia.   Establishing a distillery was the final step in our goal for Lake Nenia.   In doing so, our goal is to see that you too can experience the beauty of the Hills and love Lake Nenia as much as we do.


Each year we run events to raise funds for deserving causes and organisations.  Not only does it bring joy to create a community through kindness and respect but it makes a difference too. 


If there is a particular group you would like us to consider supporting please let us know.